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Cachaça Caïpirinha

In Brazil de brandy made from sugar cane is called 'Cachaça'. With this name they could bypass the French protectionism, which placed heavy duties on any rums that were not produced in the DOM-TOM. This is Brazil very popular rum has a refined, specific taste and aroma's that are different from other rums. It's because of this rum that the cocktail Caïpirinha come into existence: one mashes small parts of lime with 3 spoons of sugar for several minutes. We then add 4 cl. of Cachaça and a few ice cubes or some crushed ice.

In another typical Brazilian recipe, Batida, the Cachaça is combined with coconut milk (in a mixture of 1:2). This cocktail is served ice cold!


This long drink, which is strong enough to send you into outer space, can be deluded with some water.

Put in a shaker half full of ice:

3/10 White Rum
3/10 Vodka
3/10 Lemon Juice
1/10 Passion Fruit Juice

Shake and serve in tumbler glasses with some ice cubes. Decorate with a slice of lemon.

Adios Amigos

After a mix this strong, "goodbye, my friends" is usually the only thing left to say.

Put in a shaker half full of ice:

3/10 White Rum
2/10 Dry Vermouth
2/10 Cognac
2/10 Gin
1/10 Lemon Juice

Shake well and serve in chilled cocktail glasses.



Short drink: aperitif.

Fill a shaker half full with ice cubes and add:

6/10 White Rum
1/10 Orange Curaçao
3/10 Lemon Juice

Shake and serve in cocktail glasses.

Louisiana Flip

A bit more original Flip than most of the classics and, above all, quite tasteful and strong .

Fill a shaker half full with ice cubes and add:

7/10 White Rum
1/10 Triple Sec
1/10 Grenadine Syrup
1/10 Orange Juice
1 egg yoke

Shake for several minutes and serve in high champagne glasses.

Côte Fleurie

This attractive and decorative cocktail is also wonderfully refreshing.

Put in a mixing glass with some ice:

6/10 White Rum
3/10 Blue Curaçao
1/10 Pisang Ambon

Stir and serve in tumbler glasses. Top off with tonic.


Long drink: at any time.

Add to some ice cubes in a tumbler glass:

3/10 White Rum
7/10 Orange Juice

Stir and add a splash of Mandarin Liqueur. Don't stir more and serve immediately.


Green Island

Short drink: Aperitif.

Add to a shaker that is 50% filled with ice:

3/10 White Rum
2/10 Crème de Banane
1/10 White Chocolate Liqueur
4/10 Pineapple juice

Shake and transfer to tumbler glasses. Add a splash of blue Curaçao and decorate with, a slice of banana.


Short drink: aperitif.

Take a mixing glass add some ice cubes and:

5/10 White Rum
3/10 Picon
1/10 Cherry brandy
1/10 Pear liqueur

Shake well and serve in cocktail glasses. Add a strip of lemon skin.

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