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With the ongoing discovering of new ingredients like Rum, Vodka, Tequila, exotic fruits and refined liquors, bartenders became much more professional in the late 1940's. At that time Bartender organizations came into existence, as well as rules on how to create cocktails and serious cocktail making competitions. These liquor brand sponsored competitions, relied on the creativity and spontaneity of it's contestants to come up with new ways to further appreciate their products. At this point in time the professional cocktail world is dominated by 3 centers: the Anglo-Saxon, because of their historical superiority; the Italians who have used their vermouths and original liquors gained control over the complicated aroma's; the French, who have take the art of making cocktails to their level of being the best chefs in the world. At the same time the consumption of cocktails is becoming more common amongst the masses and are cocktails no longer secluded to the first class bars, ships and airlines. Without any intended to challenge the professionals, numerous cocktail lovers venture into the field of mixing the classic cocktails and even start coming up with some new blends of their own! The mixing and making of new cocktails is a lot less complicated as once thought and if you follow the cocktails basic on the basic rules page, you'll be mixing your own inventions before you know it! These days, nearly all ingredients needed to make great tasting and even better looking cocktails are available anywhere. What can be more inviting that starting a family reunion or dinner with friend with a wonderful cocktail? It will set everyone in an immediately party or holiday mind and it's a great topic for discussions. Remember, however, to visit your local cocktail bar from time to time to see what is new in the professional mixing world and to enjoy the unique ambiance where the character and the hospitality of the bartender even outweighs the actual cocktail talents he, or she, may hold.

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