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The bitter taste

The bitter taste of beer, caused by the hop, is the most important feature of beer. It's important that this feature is secured within the cocktail. One can even emphasize this bitter taste by adding bitters, like Picon or Cynar (made of artichoke). Also citrus fruits (orange or lemon) are allowed, because their sour taste makes a tasty contrast with the bitter taste. True beer lovers will not appreciate mixes like the Panache (met soda pop), as they tend to be too sweet. Never add ice cubes; this will kill the beer's foam.


Another true classic french style. There are variants with other types of syrup (mint, lemon, strawberry, etc.). You can also mix even parts of bier and lemonade.

Put in a beer glass:

1 splash grenadine syrup
2,5 dl. beer

Serve immediately.


Brown beers mix very well with exotic tastes.

Put in a beer glass:

2/10 Banana liqueur
2/10 Strawberry liqueur
6/10 Pelforth (Brown)

Serve immediately.



Although you should be careful in mixing beer and wine, this melange with vermouth is definitely worth a try.

Put in a beer glass:

1 splash of grenadine syrup
2/10 red vermouth
8/10 Cold beer

Serve immediately.

Joao Weisse

Long drink: Aperitif.

Put in a mixing glass with crushed ice:

1 bottle of white beer (3,3 dl)
2 cl. Port
1 tsp. sugar

Stir carefully and transfer to a large foot glass. Sprinkle with meg nut.


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